sara1-300x300 I am sincerely thankful to your agency through my care provider by the name Odexa, PTA. Her presence in my life at that time helped me with my recovery process. Thank you so much for putting up with me. Such a helpful agency!

sara1-300x300 I thank everyone who came to help care for my mom. They are doing a great job. Everyone has a good personality and a kind heart. I thank them very much.

nicola2-300x300 I would like to thank your physical therapist for Odeya. She’s very encouraging and considerate. I wished there were more like her. The world would be a better place.

nicola2-300x300 My wife and I are full of gratitude and are appreciative of the love and care that you all demonstrated to my family. Thank you very much with love!

sara1-300x300 I would like to thank everybody – the advocates, the nurses, the therapist for helping me through my crisis. I don’t know what I would’ve done without them. May God bless you all!

nicola2-300x300 This was my first time with Functional Independence Home Care, and if I could use them again, I would. I had the most wonderful nurse Latonya. She always cared for me with respect.

sara1-300x300 My name is Crystal, and I am the caregiver. She brags about the nurse and the therapist. They keep her smiling and uplift her. Frances and Adessa are the best!

sara1-300x300 I would like to thank my 2 therapists, Josh and Sondy.They are the best. I just love them so much. They have helped me so much with my healthcare. Thank you!

nicola2-300x300 Both Jalissa and Francis showed professionalism and experience upon every visit. They both demonstrated that they knew what they were doing and answered any questions and concerns I had.

sara1-300x300 Ms. Betty is the reason I’m with Functional Independence. She is a great person and very helpful with my child.

sara1-300x300 The team members that provided my husband with home care were courteous, pleasant, professional, and very likeable. Thank you!

sara1-300x300 Thanking everyone that worked with me! Love the service! Everyone was so polite and sweet.


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