sara1-300x300 To whom it may concern: Dear FIHC, thank you for this survey. I am very happy to help my son. I asked him to help me to answer what he wants to say. He doesn’t always understand. It took us 2 1/2 hours to complete. But, we’re very happy with FIHC and proud to take part in this survey.

nicola2-300x300 I was always satisfied with the care I got. The assistants were always helpful and very nice.

sara1-300x300 The nurses were very respectful, knowledgeable on all physical needs, and had patience with me. I got all the help I needed. Thank you to all.

sara1-300x300 The physical therapist, nurse, and private duty assistant provided excellent care.

nicola2-300x300 My healthcare provider was very dependable, knowledgeable, and professional.

sara1-300x300 Brandy. If it were not for her encouragement and giving me little pushes to strive to do more, I don’t think I would’ve come as far as I have. I have enjoyed working with her.

sara1-300x300 The care I received was excellent, and I will choose Functional Independence Health Care always!

nicola2-300x300 The RN that visits Courtney gives excellent care and explaining health issues with me.

sara1-300x300 My visits with this agency have been great! Ms. Debra is just as sweet as she can be.

nicola2-300x300 We, my wife and I, would like to thank all of you for your love and care! Thank you!

nicola2-300x300 I appreciate the care and concern shown by your staff. It was very helpful in my recovery.

nicola2-300x300 Josh is a great P.T.! He keeps me going!


September 2020

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As the Coronavirus (Covid-19) evolves, our Board of Directors, Administrative Staff, and the quality care team of employees here at Functional Independence Home Care are proud to continue serving you.FIND OUT MORE
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